About Confident Cub

Our mission is to provide parents, teachers, and others who are dedicated to the well-being of children with high quality free resources. We create articles, videos, tip sheets, interviews, and other fun and informative ways to help you help your child. Our goal is for your child to have the confidence to go after anything he or she sets her mind to.

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When children learn to master their challenges they develop intrinsic motivation, resilience, confidence, and self-esteem…the building blocks to happiness and the prevention of anxiety, depression, and other problems.

We are particularly partial to well-researched ideas—those things that are proven to work, rather than what may have worked for one person or family. Many of our contributing experts are researchers and professors, as well as clinicians who have worked with hundreds of children, adolescents, and families, and authors who have helped thousands with their books.

Our goal is to balance the hard-science with practical action steps and creative, enjoyable application. We welcome feedback on how we are doing on this goal, as well as any feedback in general. We learn as much from you as you do from us, and we truly hope you will be an active community member by commenting on blog posts, and contributing to discussions on Facebook and Twitter.

Confident Cub is and always will be packed with free resources. This is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors. Please tweet them or post a thank you in social media, we could not do it without them, and of course, without you. Thanks for your interest and enjoy!

Confident Cub Mission Statement

Confident Cub’s mission is to provide a comprehensive, well-organized database of information on the web to help parents help their children reduce stress and anxiety, have more confidence and willingness to try challenging things, sleep better, feel more happy and energetic, enhance creativity, improve social skills and relationships, and get their work done and achieve to their potential in school, sports, and other areas. The information we provide will be free to access.

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We also seek to become a much-used resource by professionals who work with children and teenagers, including teachers, school counselors, pediatricians, and other professionals who families approach for assistance with the challenges their children face.

Confident Cub also has a mission to provide internship and employment opportunities for students and professionals in the field of psychology, to inspire them to consider creative new ways to disseminate well-researched information to help the public, as well as innovative financial models that afford low or no-fee information and services to the public, such as Confident Cub’s model of corporate sponsorship.

We seek to create relationships with corporate partners who are dedicated to the well-being of children and teenagers and who wish to impact their clients and customers on a greater level through their investment in Confident Cub.

We strive to create a community alive with discussion through comments on the blogs and discussions in social media. Confident Cub will create resources to answer the questions and needs posted by our community members, and will serve as a guide to high-quality outside resources as well.

Our greatest goal is to create a future filled with people who believe in themselves, are ready and able to take risks and go after the things that they believe in and are passionate about achieving, are innovative and creative in their approach to their work and lives, serve as inspirational role models to others, and impart the confidence and skills they learned onto the next generation of children.

Larina KaseAbout the Founder

Hi, I’m Dr. Larina Kase. For the past 15 years I have worked as a cognitive-behavioral psychologist with children and teenagers with anxiety. Parents frequently ask for additional resources to help their children with things like procrastination, relationships, making decisions, managing stress, and other topics, so I decided to create that resource, and in 2011 Confident Cub was born.

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Back in undergrad (wow, that feels like a long time ago), I began to have a passion for understanding how children develop their personalities, resilience, and competencies when I majored in human development at Cornell University. I went on to a Doctor of Psychology program and studied clinical psychology as well as performance enhancement for athletes and speakers.

Each of us has a pivotal turning point (or several) in our lives and careers. For me it was the day I that I was offered a position as a clinical faculty member at The Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety at the University of Pennsylvania under Dr. Edna Foa (who is credited with developing the exposure therapy treatments for many of the anxiety disorders).

Plus I would finally be in the same city as my then-boyfriend (now husband) John when I came to Philadelphia. John and I now have two children and as a mom I understand the heart-wrenching pain of seeing your child in pain. I hope to help not only alleviate the pain of anxiety and stress, but to help you and your child experience the intense joy and confidence that comes with mastering challenges and achieving all that is important to them.

I am tremendously grateful for my professional colleagues who are faculty in some of the best anxiety treatment centers in the world, inspiring authors, and incredibly talented clinicians and coaches. I’m eager to share their expertise and advice with you here at Confident Cub. And let’s get to know each other more on Facebook and Twitter, and through your comments on the blog posts. You can learn more about me or invite me to speak or provide a media quotation at LarinaKase.com.

Founder, Larina Kase’s Personal Mission Statement

My mission for Confident Cub is to share the knowledge I have developed over the years of training, supervision, and working with families. My hope is that the information will serve as prevention, helping parents help their kids to make changes that reduce the likelihood of an anxiety disorder or depression developing, as well as coaching, helping children understand and maximize their inherent strengths and potential.

As a behavioral scientist I am dedicated to principles that are well researched. The jump from theory to action, however, can be hard to make, so I seek to create specific skills-based tips so people will immediately know how to implement the research-based ideas shared.

Often all that parents need is brief and clear tips to make major changes, and I seek to provide that resource in Confident Cub. Sometimes, however, therapeutic services are needed and I hope to educate parents on cognitive-behavioral and other empirically supported treatment options so they are well-informed consumers and advocates for their children.

I love writing and interviewing people and find that the balance of these activities along with direct work with clients in my private practice and coaching works very well for me. This enables me to do my best work with my clients and also to have the energy and schedule to dedicate myself to my greatest life’s work—being a mom.

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