When is Perfectionism a Problem?

February 6, 2012 | Posted in: Achievement, Anxiety, Interviews Larina 200 by 200

You love how your child is focused and motivated in school, sports, and other activities. You just wish that she weren’t so hard on herself.

Perhaps your child gets nervous before tests. She worries about disappointing you, her teacher, or herself if she doesn’t get a great grade.

Perhaps your child or teen becomes so focused on being perfect that he spends too long on things and misses out on other things.

Perhaps your daughter worries about looking perfect and becomes insecure about her appearance. She spends a long time picking out and trying on clothes and getting ready, and you don’t think it’s healthy.

Perhaps your son loves art but can’t seem to enjoy it because he worries about creating a final product that everyone will be proud of.  He rips up drawings that are not “perfect” and won’t allow himself to get lost in the fun of the creative process because he wants to create something that looks just right.

Perhaps your child becomes so worried about making mistakes that she always plays it safe and won’t take risks.

Or perhaps your child spends a lot of time procrastinating on schoolwork. Doing the work is anxiety-provoking because she feels she has to do it perfectly so she puts it off.

These are all signs that perfection has become a problem.

Hear more on perfectionism in this 5 minute audio I recorded. (Please excuse my being a bit out of breath- I’m pregnant with my third and get out of breath so easily!)

Please post any comments or questions below.

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